Sunscreen face SPF30


Mineral sunscreen face SPF30
Highest natural protection possible against UVA & UVB

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Sunscreen face SPF30

Sun protection for the face with factor 30. The natural sunscreen face is completely absorbed and gives the feeling of deep hydration.
Provides a fresh feeling and offers the highest possible natural protection against UVA and UVB rays. It gradually creates a tanned skin. Activates the anti-aging process of our skin cells, protects against energy influences and external influences.

The mineral-based sun cream contains zinc oxide and titanium, which ensure that you are protected in a natural way. These substances are also almost not or not at all absorbed through the skin. The natural sunscreen face works directly in contrast to synthetic sunscreen that works after half an hour and contains no harmful substances such as oxybezone or methylparaben.

It keeps the skin fresh and lively, even after a few hours of exposure to the sun during the day. The cream is waterproof, even after a number of dives in the water, the cream stays on the skin.

Apply the cream on a clean face. Because of the good ingredients, the cream is slightly thicker than you are used to. When you are in the sun for a long time, we advise to apply the cream every 2 hours.

The Agema face fixer has also been added to the sunscreen face.
Suitable for both men and women.

Content: 45 ml

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