Our story

“I smell chocolate and newborn with a hint of vanilla.”
“I can’t quite place the smell, but it’s so delicious. I can smell the connection between the mother and baby products.”
“It feels so soft on the skin and it smells so good & calming I can’t describe.”
“I used the babywash on Bodi’s hair last night and it smells incredible. I remember thinking: do I detect a hint of breastmilk?”

These are a few comments from mothers who helped us develop the first Kenkô products. Pregnant mothers, just like Kenkô’s founder Eveline at the time.

“My pregnancy marked the start of a magical journey through a new and transformative world. It also inspired me to develop a personal care line that would support this transformation. The best natural care for mother and child that cherishes the valuable moments surrounding the birth of your child.” – Eveline Kerkhof, founder Kenkô

Created by Mothers, With Mothers, For Mothers and their little ones

The products capture the intimate bond between mother and child. We translated the intuitive recognition between mother and child into a skincare line in which the formulation and fragrances are closely linked. The best quality ingredients and a unique scent experience are the forefront of Kenkô products. A scent forever entwined with the beautiful memories of motherhood.

Kenkô can be used throughout pregnancy and develops alongside mother and child. While the products may be packaged separately, the design on the boxes transitions seamlessly from one to the other. The sleeve that envelops the products makes them one, just like mother and child.