Cream wash


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This delicous creamy cleansing gel contains apricot kernel oil and oatmeal to gently cleanse and nourish mother and baby’s dry, delicate skin. It is ideal for use during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and the perfect soft and gentle wash for the first years of your little one. Also suitable for your baby’s hair.

  • Gentle and soft formulations
  • Beautiful natural and organic oils with the softest natural scents
  • Made with love in the Netherlands by the best team and help of a lot of mothers
From the moment a baby is born, mother and baby are intuitively attuned to each other. A baby powers the mother’s scent out of thousands. We have this for a natural care line for mother and child. The documents and fragrance notes are closely linked to cherish all the first times together forever.
At Kenkô we work with high-quality natural and organic oils in which the scent experience plays a central role in the perception of Kenkô. It offers mother and child a beacon of recognition, relaxes and connects. It’s all about purposefully anchoring precious memories and intimate moments between mother and child. The Kenkô scent in combination with her rituals of care and bathing, makes you consciously pause and enjoy these special moments together. A soft scent that mother and child carry with them forever to be able to return to it at every stage of life.