Eau de toilette kids set + 2 scarfs


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Discover our complete collection Eau de toilette kids in exclusive collaboration with Nina Pierson, Lucy Woesthoff and Thammy Salcedo and receive two delicate scarfs for mother and child (limited edition) as a gift.

Flor eau de toilette kids
Created by Lucy Woesthoff, author of ‘WOMAN’ and mother of three sons and daughter Leia, was inspired by nature, music and the good people of Ibiza island. “The feeling of freedom, being together, wondering off the dusty camino and picking up wildflowers, crashing herbs between the fingers and smelling the rich aromas; this is what I aimed to translate in the scent while I was creating the Flor Eau de Toilette.”- says Lucy.

The Flor possesses fresh notes of watermelon and cucumber, sweet notes of wildflowers and biological lavender, and sheer notes of green tea and a floral fraction of patchouli.

Lilja eau de toilette kids

Lilja brought to life by Nina Pierson, co-founder of the organic salad bar chain SLA, author of bestselling book Mama’en and De Geboortebundel and mother of Ella, Bodi en Jake. “

The Lilja Kids offers a comforting, sweet and clean fragrance of lily of the valley*, raspberry leaf, magnolia leaf, hint of vanilla, bergamot, narcissus, and petitgrain.

*Since the natural lily of the valley oil is not available, and we only want to create 100% natural fragrances, we have mimicked the feel and smell of that rare flower with daffodil leaves and petitgrain.

Sol eau de toilette kids
Imagined by the Brazil-born mother of Leo and Luna, Thammy Salcedo, has her elegant and colourful style and sunny personality.

The Sol feels warm and pure with the sandalwood oil alongside the best Bourbon vanilla from Madagaskar and carrot heart from France and The Netherlands, offering a fruity, velvety and colourful touch.

3 x 50 ml. Scarf 50 cm x 50 cm.

“I want to create a smell that reminds me of my home and childhood. Summer, sun and the beach, tanned, glowing skin and the salty breeze in your hair. For this collaboration, I designed a scent that takes us to a beautiful sunny holiday.” – says Thammy.

My inspiration for this scent comes from the Swedish summers. Where it never gets dark, going barefoot outsides, picking wild raspberries, mixed smells of cinnamon pastry and pine cones, wildflowers arranged in a water jar, skinny dipping in the cool dark lake, and, of course, lilies of the valley.” – describes Nina.

Lilja eau de toilette kids